November 18, 2013

Members & Exhibitors,

October was such a busy month for us and it seems the old adage of "my how time flies" has now taken most of November. Autumn is our favorite time of year but Cathy and I are amazed at how fast the season disappeared. Winter is coming and yet the temperature is near 62 degrees this fine morning. But the cold front is moving in and the Christmas Season will soon be arriving. Many of you had asked us for a December show and we put one together at the Forum in Lake George on December 21 & 22. That is the only time we could fit one into the regional show schedule. Yes, there are other shows on that weekend but there were closer and more established shows on the other December weekends. The Forum was available and we have our flyer enclosed.

I have about 40 tables committed so far, without sending out this mailing but I would need at least 100 tables sold to go through with this show. So, I need you to call me as soon as you can if you can participate at Lake George. If you plan on taking tables, note that we have kept a very low rate of $60 for NEACA members for this fairly expensive venue. We have also arranged for a best room rate at the Holiday Inn across the street, where we have been promoting our Winter Carnival show, of $79 plus tax for this very attractive hotel. You must ask for the NEACA Gun Show rate and call 518-664-5781. We can also use a room for a "holiday turkey dinner" for about 40 people at around $20 - $23 per person. If you want us to pursue that we would also need to know as soon as possible. We still have a whole month to get this going and get our advertising out and post card mailing plus internet blitz with emails. Call us ASAP because the folks in this area want this show. I also need a couple of guys for security overnight.

We have another show at the Forum planned for late May as we did last year. I am having trouble with a date for the AUD in Utica in April but we are still following through on that. Will let you all know when something is finalized. In this day of computer and twenty-first century technology, it is important that we have your email address. If you have a Face Book page or Twitter your friends, you should let us know so we can contact you with up to the minute information. If any of you do not have a smart phone with emails or a computer with a web page, you are missing out on a whole new world out there. Get into the world of fast communication but still keep your old world values.

We are always working on new things or new shows and will always put important information on our own web site at If you haven’t visited, you should. We are looking at a new venue in the North Country, checking places in the Hudson Valley and southern tier, as well as other locations for quality events. Think you know of a promising location? Call us. Our flier for the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair on January 11 & 12, is also enclosed. We do have a full schedule of four shows at the City Center for 2014. Our January show will again be a great event, we will sell out, get your application in now if you expect your same table locations. We can accept a one table deposit, as usual, with balance paid two weeks prior to the show if you want your member discount. We will not collect balances at the show; we can also take credit cards at a 4% added fee. Any extra tables sold at the show on Friday, if any are still available will be cash only and only paid prior to set-up. Cancellation made two weeks ahead of time will warrant a refund but any cancellation after two weeks made for sickness, breakdown, etc., a table credit may be given at our discretion.

I am confident you all know I was stuck with the cost of four wall tables when an exhibitor was irritated he could not get in before 2 PM on Friday. Anyone let in early is at my discretion and for the good of the show. I do not play favorites but may make a "good for show" decision. All promoters have that option and use it from time to time. Again, if you want your same tables send in now; if you want the discounted NEACA Member rate, as is stated on our flyer, pay balances two weeks in advance. On the end of that sentence was a "period." Cathy and I are getting much too old for the bull crap that goes on.

Our upcoming Saratoga schedule is as follows; March 15, 16 as is usual and is against the Baltimore show which moved to the third weekend when they moved from the Armory. Our March event is always sold out. We have agreed to stay on the Travers Race (Saturday the 23rd of August) because of the high rollers in town that weekend. So, August 23, 24, 2014. We were thinking of moving to the Weekend before but are looking at another show venue for that. I would make hotel reservations now!

The fall show is scheduled for November 22, 23, the week before Thanksgiving, it was the only date available not taken up by a convention. Remember, the City Center has always given preference to conventions; they take more hotel rooms and supposedly spend more money in restaurants. Their focus is to bring more tax money into Saratoga and this past year was a record breaker with hotels and motels at near 90% occupancy. Saratoga Springs is always busy and Saratoga County is still the fastest growing in New York State and with the least amount of taxes. Per capita income is high as is education while the job market is low as for unemployment and becoming more technology based with our new computer chip plant in Malta, Global Foundries.

As I’ve always said, Saratoga is the place to be, any time! And we have a fantastic gaming Racino within a half mile of our show. Our exhibitors can be treated to a great deal of amenities from year round horse racing and gaming, quality restaurants and shopping, or tournament golf courses. Stay an extra day and really enjoy our area. Along with our Arms Fair, which has been continually running for thirty years, there are also museums, historic places and even the battlefield that changed the course of history.

We hope to see you all in Lake George, another truly fantastic area, on December 21 & 22 and in Saratoga Springs for our January 11 & 12 Arms Fair. We gained a huge amount of great local and national press with the recent visit to our show by Gabby Giffords and her astronaut husband Mark Kelly. While at other shows that Cathy and I visited, numerous dealers and public came over to shake my hand and wish us well for a job well done in promoting our shows and the gun collecting field in general.

We are proud of our Saratoga Shows and of our NEACA members who make these events happen and always shed good light on the gun owning fraternity we belong to. Gabby and Mark sent a note to us thanking you all for showing them a wonderful visit.

We thank you also. Cathy & Dave