August 5, 2014

Members and Exhibitors,

Cathy and I just finished unpacking from our past weekend Gun Show in Old Forge; one that we felt went very well. A perfect weekend, cool and dry inside, hot and humid on the street. And, which we always look for, it even rained! Of course, rain came around 4:30 on Saturday and 2:30 on Sunday when we all wanted to pack up. But, it was a nice show, the crowd was steady, our food vendor was excellent and the exhibitors sold guns and other merchandise. Top that off with whitetail deer wandering around town like pets and you know why the dealers and tourists come to Old Forge. We will be back same time next year.

On to Saratoga in a couple of weeks; August 23 & 24. We have new exhibitors coming along with lots of our old friends who have already sent me applications and deposits. As most of you know, our policy is that NEACA members can send in a one table deposit but I would like the balance paid two weeks prior to our show date. Whether it’s the economy or just that some of our exhibitors might feel I just don’t need the money, let me assure you all – I must pay for Saratoga and some other venues, 30 to 60 days in advance! If you want to come, then I want you to also have some skin in the game, with balances and applications sent in on time.

We’re getting lots of calls from the public who wanted to come to our Watertown show – which, as you know, we had to cancel due to a lack of dealer support. Cancelling a show costs us money and credibility, so we’re definitely not happy to do it; first one we had to do so in many years. Just had another call, "lots of people really want a show up here," was the caller’s comment. I told him we will try again next year. I will have a date by our next letter for a new show in Watertown. But because a bunch of dealers told me they had already sent money in a year ago for other various shows, I’ll give you plenty of time to send those applications to us – with money – and well in advance so I can plan on who is coming and supporting our shows.

So, back to Saratoga; the date has been out there for at least a year; you should have already sent in your applications, and payments, so we get them at least two weeks in advance. As members, you should be able to support your shows and know what your schedules are. As usual, the hotels around town are either non-existent or extremely expensive; our "Saratoga Gun Show" page at, has an extensive list of hotels and motels within a half hour of the show. Don’t wait, get your room ASAP.

Through no fault of our own, we do not have any additional shows scheduled at Saratoga until March, 2015; there are no open dates at all! Conventions take preference over trade shows – do you all remember several years back when I tried to get you all to take a hotel room and do a "Christmas Convention"? There was a very good reason we asked that, but very few takers, those of us who were there had a great time, even Santa Claus came. Now, we live with the outcome of that failed attempt. This business is becoming very political and who knows, soon might even be non-existent in New York State. You all must remember to vote, and not for our current Governor and perhaps not for your current Assemblyman or Senator.

However, we are always working on new and better things, Watertown will work. Not a week goes by that we don’t review, visit or contact some new venue seeking a new show. But, we also won’t promote something without a future; Saratoga is still running after 31 years. Old Forge has become a very nice show and now we have Norwich, Saugerties and Newburgh, which will all be winners -- and there are more to come.

Next Newburgh show is right after Saratoga; it is coming along fine, even on the Labor Day holiday weekend. There is lots of public interest again and dealer applications are coming in. If you haven’t sent us yours, do so now. Our first return show since our NYS Armory events 20 years ago was last May and we put 175 tables on the floor, with just over 1000 buyers through the door plus members. Not bad for about 6 weeks promotion. Now we have had a good three months notice for this next Newburgh show on August 30 & 31.

Cathy has arranged for good rates at two area motels, call one of them ASAP as the rooms won’t last long. The Comfort Inn is located next to Ice Time Arena; their phone is 845-567-0567, ask for the "gun show rate" at $99. The Super 8 is on Route 100, across from Long Horn Steak House and lots of other activity; phone 845-564-5700 for $79 "gun show rate". Don’t wait!

This time our Newburgh Gun Show is just before the Middletown show, while last May we trailed that show by two weeks. But the comments from our exhibitors was that they sold more in Newburgh than in Middletown. And, of course, our venue at Ice Time Arena is top notch and right off Exit 6 of I-84, so we’ll get NYC and Connecticut purveyors. I sold a pistol to a NYC permit holder in May and it was so simple it was scary – and he took the gun with him! Ammo and accessories moved real well along with lots of guns. This should be an even better show – send your application in today and, again, don’t wait if you need a room.

We always post new info on our website so stop by and check the home page or "Gun Shows" at . Our next letter will bring you all up to date on what, where and when our next event will be. Stay the course and we will see all of you loyal supporters in Saratoga and Newburgh.


Cathy & Dave.