December 7, 2015

Members and Exhibitors,

"December 7, 1941 a date that will live in infamy" …. Today is the 74th anniversary of the American start of World War II. A day of terror in Hawaii and the beginning of the end of innocence for the generation born after the war to end all wars. After a world conflict which spawned colossal battles, which saw the development of immense new technology and when mankind was urged to never again repeat that horrible process … war and terror seem to always stay with us.

From Korea to West Berlin an enemy of freemen always appeared. The twin towers tragedy gave way to a European Union Paris attack and now another, back in America, with married Muslims in San Bernardino, CA. And with terrorists still on our doorstep, Obama and the rest of the liberal democrats scream that the answer to terror is more gun control and more political correctness so we don’t offend Islam. We are witnessing American leadership go crazy!

We can only hope, and dare I say pray, our children will become a second greatest generation; one that can mirror those of yesterday … the future of America as we know it may depend on what we instilled in those young minds. What a difficult legacy we leave to our kids to figure out.

On "Black Friday" there was a record breaking number of NICS background checks, over 185,000, of folks who wanted to buy a gun; and that was five days prior to the second largest terror attack by Muslim extremists in these United States! No wonder Judge Jeanine called for everyone to "buy a gun … and learn how to use it!" Our gun business should flourish in the coming weeks and Santa may even be seen "carrying"!

Now the liberals want to use the no-fly list as a guide for background checks. Guess what; the terrorists who killed Americans both then and now flew here! Buy a one-way ticket and you will be put on that watch list. And the gun show loophole – not in New York of course – is known as the Second Amendment to our US Constitution. Americans can legally buy and sell guns among themselves – except in about a dozen liberal states, which includes NY. If you want to sell your gun – except here in New York – you can do it. That is the US Supreme Court "Gun Show Loophole."

Sorry about the rambling above but I could go on and on about how dumb most of our gun laws are …and remember, only law abiding people follow the law … and how liberals really do want to disarm America. Big news from NEACA headquarters … the Lake George show at the Forum has been cancelled for December 12 & 13 … this weekend! Why? Not enough dealers wanted to go to Lake George in December – simple as that. The last October show was light on dealers as well as the public and that trend just followed through. We will see what develops for the future of the Forum Shows. What do you dealers think about the June and October dates?

Cathy and I just returned from the Allentown, PA Show and it too was very light in public; seems like that is the trend and has been for over a year. I don’t have an explanation. What will the future be? Thank Judge Jeanine for telling folks to "buy a gun" and protect themselves; with national Fox Channel personalities doing that, maybe there is still hope for the gun business and America in general.

A new year is coming – 2016 – and it is going to be extremely important in our history and we hope NEACA will also have a banner year. We have a great line-up of shows which begins with our 101st show in Saratoga at the end of January on the 30th & 31st. The flyer is enclosed and I want you to note that the cost of admission went up $1.00 and tables by $3.00. The expenses just keep rising and we finally had to respond.

Also note that we are no longer going to simply "put you down" for a table without a deposit and a signed application. Freebies are a thing of the past unless they are earned for services rendered … at our discretion.

Also note that tables not ordered early will cost more by ordering late. If you intend to participate in our shows, send in a minimum of one table deposit and balance 2 weeks prior to the show or pay extra for your tables. The reason? Basically, so we know who is coming -- if I don’t have enough table sales we will cancel the show within 3 weeks of the show date – hopefully it can be 4 weeks. And because of, no-shows – I am not made of money and I’m not going to tolerate no-shows.

I sent all of you our 2016 schedule in September so you should know if you are attending our shows. Why not make life simple for us and at least let us know which ones you can attend? We deserve at least that.

We have the Polish Community Center show coming up on February 20 & 21 which our flier is also enclosed; had some trouble with pricing on this one hopefully ironed out. Only 100 tables available and you all know it is a good show so get those apps in now.

Another flier enclosed is for our upcoming Arms Fair in Manchester Center, Vermont which will become the best and probably largest of the VT gun shows. I shouldn’t have to tell you about how good it is going to be … talk to the dealers who were there. Like Donald Trump, I am not giving details anymore … just know you can trust what we say. And don’t forget to erect a sign for the Donald that you want him to be our next President. Let us take back America!

I hope this Christmas season is good for all of you and that we can look forward to a robust and profitable year. I know the last one has been harsh on us all; except if you are a liberal because then the world is painted as a rose and life is a fantasy playtime. However, reality may have just hit home in Washington and liberal cities across the land. Head my own opening salvo on the NEACA website; "Stay Conservative and buy a gun!" The Judge agrees.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Cathy and Dave