February 16, 2018

NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

He wanted to be a school mass murderer. Was that U-Tube notice one more cry for help from a deranged individual or was this latest killer simply destined to commit a heinous act from the moment of his birth? Perhaps we may finally discover an answer as to why, because this time, as these tragic results unfolded, the killer survived.

This past Valentines Day, while yours truly was in Rutland, Vermont finalizing plans and putting up signs for our next NEACA Gun Show on March *2, 3, & 4, someone else was determined to hold his own Valentine Day Massacre at a school in Florida. As if on que, the liberals called for a gun ban intending not to waste another tragedy on menial things like sympathy and prayers for his many victims. Yes, these all too many social killings have got to be curtailed but banning an object, an AR-15 Sporting Rifle, is not even part of the answer. This note is not the medium to state the argument but in due time our society really needs to find the answer as to why and reach a solution as to no more. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends affected by this horrible event. May peace be with you all.

What a way to have to begin what normally is a simple member overview of our NEACA plans and future shows. First, I know this letter and mailing is late for our Spring and Summer outlook but is seems the older Cathy and I become, the less we get done on time. With our shows, press releases and interviews we try to promote the fun and satisfaction our shooting sports and gun collecting bring to a huge proportion of our population. After all, guns are a part of our American heritage and always will be. In fact, it has been reported and estimated that over 300 million legally owned guns are in the hands of our citizens.

Tragedies perpetuated by unstable individuals may always be a part of ours or any society and the slippery solution to fix the problem has many pros and cons. However, we at NEACA try to bridge that gap to bring knowledge of our sport and that heritage to those who may be unduly influenced by liberal thinking knee-jerk reactions. Whether we succeed or not may be questionable, especially with dispensing knowledge to a growing population of un-assimilated individuals to our past and present American ideals; including, freedom, liberty and our second amendment. To me, it seems the more immigrants the less we recognize our own American lifestyle. To me, not good! But also, legal immigration to an "American melting pot", not bad.

As I stated, our next Gun Show is in Rutland, Vermont in the Franklin Center at the Howe. Going north on Route 7, go past the Vermont State Fairgrounds, over the rail tracks and see Dunkin Donuts on your right, take that left fork off Route 7 and the Howe is just ahead on the left. For members the $50 tables are fairly cheap and New Yorkers are certainly welcome but we mostly have Vermont vendors. However, perhaps New York attendees can actually find what they may be looking for. See our enclosed Rutland flier.

Most of our Rutland advertising is already set to run, folks are putting up signs this week and radio will begin the week of the show. Our NY and VT e-mailing will be done the week of the show and 2000 post cards will be in the mail to prior Vermont Show attendees. These are all normal advertising drills Cathy and I perform continuously for ongoing events and we do get real buyers to our NEACA (New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates) Shows. Don’t forget, NEACA membership is only $50 to join and then receive free admission to all of our shows – including early entry on Friday – plus discounted table prices if you want to become a vendor.

Our complete (and occasionally changing) 2018 show schedule is on line at NEACA.com, please take a look from time to time. Next event is at the Polish Community Center in Albany on March *23, 24, 25. *Remember that Friday is for dealer set-up and members early entry is from 4 to 8 PM. Always good food at the show and we try to make all of our dealers stress-free and comfortable. This business is still supposed to be fun and profitable. However, I do remember setting up on ice many years ago, that was not fun nor profitable and will not occur with our NEACA shows – ever! Incidentally, Albany is three quarters full at this time, flier enclosed!

Again, a little over a month away, we return to the Ramada Inn, Fishkill, NY, it seems a lot more dealers are inquiring about this April *6, 7, 8 show. Last February we got a scare of ice prediction for the weekend which definitely curtailed our attendance but I believe all dealers did fine in spite of the warning. It always seems our NEACA shows bring in gun buyers and militaria collectors who do spend money. Again, flier enclosed.

Our next Vermont show will be at Riley Rink in Manchester Center; April *27, 28, 29. We moved the show to the last weekend to hopefully ensure we have milder weather than mid-April; again, flier enclosed. We will also try to get a decent motel deal again. Manchester is a really great Vermont town in a super facility; well worth the trip.

As we did last year we will hold our next Saratoga Springs Arms Fair at the City Center on the Memorial Day weekend, which is May *25, 26, 27 and we hope you will all attend. Our show was a great success last year with the participation of the US Marine Color Guard with a special opening ceremony including dignitaries and politicians. Hopefully we can repeat some of that Heraldry, Pomp and Circumstance this year.

We have been working very diligently for a show on April *13, 14, 15 in the Capital District, the final plans have not yet been obtained. Three separate locations were, and still are, in various stages of negotiation and planning; maybe they will materialize but perhaps not. The lateness of this letter is the result of some of these workings as we were really trying to get the word out soon about our plans for this event. If any new results are learned, they will be on our NEACA.com website.

Again, Cathy and I are still seeking help with our shows and shop and we are talking with several people about that help. New shows are being created and anyone with interest in a new career, let us know. Hoping you all are well and safe, we remain your stalwart supporter of shows and our American way of life,

Cathy and Dave Petronis.