December 20, 2019

NEACA Members and Exhibitors,

Here it is almost Christmas, at least when I am writing this but probably already a “Christmas Past” when you all get to read it. Both Cathy and I have had terrible matching colds since before the Allentown Show. Neither of us can figure out where we got them, but the bug is still invading our systems a week before our Christmas cheer is supposed to shower upon us. We certainly hope this note finds all of you in better shape than we are. We’ll both yell it anyway, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Impeachment for our President, wow! Cold and snowy northeast weather and if you’ve got stocks and 401k’s you’re doing great, but perhaps just a little too much stock in our stores – not so great. Business should be fantastic, but it really isn’t – at least folks I talk to wish it was better. Seems the only real certain business is still at the shows ~ and most of them have been below normal. As a promoter, we charge ahead with optimism and new show dates.

Enclosed you will find our 2020 confirmed times and places but also a few worthwhile notes to ponder. As you can see, June is still a month with work to finish. We are working on Saugerties again and should have a date for you soon. As well as when we are doing the Rutland Fairgrounds show – both probably in June.

We are thinking July may be our “off” month. Notice we have moved Old Forge from the beginning of August to the months end. The move is to see if the cooler end of month temperatures will bring out more folks thinking “hunting season” is coming up quick. Plus a few less tourists and more “show destination” customers who want to buy something. Let us know your thoughts. We need dealer commitments.

I always do a good business in Fishkill and can’t for the life of me figure out why we don’t get a bigger turnout at the door. The folks we get are serious people – they do buy things – and more attendees are taking NEACA memberships, it is a good deal and lets customers save money plus get in early. The Ramada is trying to spruce the place up and they are getting lots of new party business. I sure wish they would do more with the food and restaurant. They tell me they have plans to do so.

Try talking to your dealer friends to take tables at Fishkill we need more dealers so I can pay my bills and continue these shows. Also, support the show by becoming a member and save table rental money. And talk to your customers about taking a membership and get into all our shows free. Back to basics may be the worthwhile thought for 2020 business.

The Fishkill show will get better and better but more personal communications need to be done and you all can help. Advertising in newspapers is out there but I am thinking most of it is just a waste of money – social media is the future and we all need to promote our shows in our own platforms. Use FaceBook, emails, Twitter and whatever and encourage your contacts to pass on these notes. We send out thousands of emails and postcards, but we could always use more help from each of you. Advertising and actually reaching somebody today is a real challenge.

Albany at the Polish Community Center is the following weekend after Fishkill, and we have new dealers coming. Please fill out the enclosed application and send us a deposit. Notice we also have our regular scheduled PCC show in March. You all know this is a great place with good food and easy layout to maneuver in. Plan on it.

Rutland Vermont in early February should be great. A few January shows ago we had a great crowd of 1200 or more and the weather was good. We have half the show already sold and I haven’t sent out any fliers. Yours is included here. Please, for those of you who asked for tables – fill out the application and send a deposit in to us. We always have trouble ordering tables to fill the demand so don’t get left out by not acting early.

Always a lot of New York customers like to make the short trip to Rutland and there really isn’t anything going on in the entire area of Southern Vermont and across the NY border. There just isn’t a good location to host a show. Without Saratoga, Rutland is really the only viable show. Incidentally, the Saratoga Mayor who basically cancelled our events there won re-election by a 2 to 1 margin. The liberals have taken the city over! Scary, that the silent majority has been so silent. I hope they wake up by November 3rd, 2020.

With that – thanks for all of your continued support of NEACA. Exhibitors, our show attendees tell me that they particularly like and attend our NEACA events. They come to where the great dealers are – and they are you! Merry Christmas and God bless our country, our President and all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Cathy & Dave