May 15, 2020

Good Morning Members and Exhibitors,

Here it is Friday only two weeks before a show we should be putting on in Fishkill, NY and as of today we still don’t know whether the Ramada Inn can open to the public and our show. We should learn something early next week as to the status of hotels and motels being able to operate. It’s all up to Cuomo and when the state says we can go back to work.

Hopefully, because of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, on which the vast majority of people want to be out and about and get on with their lives we will all have good news that our Fishkill show can go on. Of course, we would have to no doubt obey some virus rules and wear face masks, perhaps check temperatures and limit the amount of activity in the room. We will give particular details of how we can operate if the show is indeed on.

We get calls and emails all the time asking from the public whether the Fishkill show will be held. Our answer is, we will let them know as soon as we know. However, we also must know which of you dealers will exhibit at our next show on May 29, 30, and 31. This date has been out there for many months on the internet and in prior advertising. So we must know who is coming and how many tables you want. We do have prior commitments from dealers who have already paid. Let us know now if you plan on being there. As soon as we know it’s a go, we will get more advertising out there, emails, and hopefully we’ll have time for a post card mailing to prior show attendees. We will have to do a blitz of social media, radio and tv news, we will get the people, if the people want to come out, and that will be the question no one knows the answer to. Cathy and I are certainly ready to get back to work as I’m sure all of you are.

On June 12, 13, 14 we have our show at the Polish Community Center in Albany, NY also scheduled. The folks at the PCC have also planned a Friday evening dinner of Polish food, so they are also anxious to get things going. But again we still don’t know for sure whether or not we can operate our gun show. Incidentally both these fliers are on our web at, again people are anxious to come to our shows.

Our upcoming show in Rutland, Vermont on June 26, 27 and 28, will be held at the Fairgrounds and at least we ae 99% sure that that one will happen. The Governor of Vermont has already approved hotels and motels opening for reservations on June 16th so I see no difficulty in running that event. Again, we need to know on all three of these show who of you will be participating. Let us know soon.

We have all done our part to stop this virus from eroding our lives and livelihood and I’ m sure all of you are ready to get back to normal. They say that will never happen, I say it will and sooner than all the experts believe. We as Americans are not going to be beaten by a bug or by over reacting officials. I’d rather die free than live under someone’s thumb. Take Care, we hope all are well.