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For Immediate Release ~ New Show June 15, 16, 2024

Mechanicville Arms Fair and Militaria Expo

Rare and Unique Items Scheduled for Display and Sale Father’s Day Weekend

This Father’s Day weekend marks the return of the New East-Coast Arms Collectors Show at the former High School/Elementary School Gym on Main Street in Mechanicville, NY. NEACA produced its’ very first show at the adjoining Community Center over 40 years ago honoring Elmer Ellsworth, first US Officer killed in our Civil War, and Favorite Son of this city. President David Petronis says that this will be the largest show of this kind ever to be in the city. “Mainly,” he said, “because it’s been the only one of this kind in Mechanicville for four decades. NEACA did have one smaller show here last May.”

The first NEACA show produced here consisted of about 30 tables and half a dozen exhibitors back in June, 1982. This new event, at this time, has about 90 tables committed, by about four times as many dealers, displaying all types of new, used and antique firearms, plus a huge variety of knives, swords, bayonets and other blades. There will be a militaria exhibitor selling his lifelong collection, several dealers of modern and antique fishing items, a huge array of collector and modern ammunition, several dealers with antique and collectible Civil War memorabilia and arms, a display for educational purposes only of WWI artifacts and militaria, a gunsmith with a multitude of gun parts and firearm magazines, and many other unique items. Maybe you’ll even find antique military toys and trains. A visit to these NEACA shows is a walk through history and a museum where a customer can buy from.

Our NEACA exhibitors and collectors also seek items for their own collections and the public is urged to bring items to sell to or trade with our exhibitors. So, scour that attic for that old moth-eaten military uniform or Grandpa’s old trunk full of war-time souvenirs. Perhaps there’s old traps, duck decoys or vintage sporting goods in the basement or a deer head hanging around in the garage that you may wish to bring to the show, there is probably someone there who wants to salvage them. This year attend with your Dad on Father’s Day weekend and treat him to a great event!

There are a multitude of laws governing the conduct of NEACA shows and other gun shows like this, laws such as personally owned ammunition cannot be sold between individuals but can be brought to these shows and sold to licensed ammunition dealers. Buyers of all modern firearms have to pass a NY State background check, or NICS, the National Instant Criminal background check. All of these regulations are obeyed at NEACA shows. Information on any of these laws can be found on the New York Police website or you can call Hudson River Trading Company in Mechanicville at 518-664-9743.

New York State Police Correctional Officers will also be at the show enlisting prospects for State Correctional jobs, a booth manned by Convention of State Advocates will be seeking signatures and supplying information, other similar organizations as well as local gun clubs, have been invited and as of this release, space is still available for interested parties.

Public attendance hours are Saturday, June 15 from 9:00 to 5:00 and Sunday, June 16 from 9:00 to 3:00. An admission fee is charged. This show at the School Gymnasium is also designed to show the public and interested parties the size and availability of the gym for rental use of other events and the public is urged to attend. Go to NEACA.com for more show information and other planned events.

Presented by, David Petronis
President, NEACA, Inc.; New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates
38 North Main Street; PO Box 385
Mechanicville, NY 12118 518-664-9743