Early Winchester Bullet Board 1
Early Winchester Bullet Board

About 3' x 3' and framed almost hermetically, cartridges are all fairly bright, thought to be circa 1880's. Can find no info on this and really have not yet had time to study the dummy cartridges but they appear to be similarly attached as other boards. Possibly this was used in a Winchester office or at a regional or world exposition. The frame is made very well, many, many years ago as an insert into a wall; a shadow box style, glass face. It can not be taken apart without destroying the frame. I will try to put more photos up on my Winchester Page on my site at NEACA.com. I don't get much free time to check this forum so you may email me direct if you like.

Early Winchester Bullet Board 1 Early Winchester Bullet Board 2
Steel_Canvas_by_RL_Wilson 1
Book "Steel on Canvas" by R. L Wilson, The Art of American Arms

This large, 9" by 11 1/2",  hard cover book by R. L Wilson, first written in 1995 shows many fine examples of super engraved Winchester firearms as well as Colts and other guns, knives and swords.  This edition was published in 2004 by Chartwell Books.  There are 384 pages and many color photos.  The book and jacket are in excellent condition except for a small tear in top of jacket and a light stain on one of the beginning pages; see first thumbnail. A truly great book ....

Win Stock Certificate
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1)  100 Shares of Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Preferred Stock. NOT62, March 4, 1929, issued to General Hospital Society of Conn.  Excellent condition in mat.  My, how times have changed! ... BUY NOW ...  $xxx.00      SOLD

3D Adv. Print Rabbit

2)  Winchester advertising three dimensional print on plastic form.  One of several c1955. Full color rabbit, cardboard backing, overall fine condition, top left corner damage, same style as below. ... BUY NOW  ... $175.00



3D Adv. Print, Mallard

3)  Winchester advertising three dimensional print on plastic form.  One of several c1955. Full color mallard, cardboard backing, overall fine condition, top right and bottom left corner damage. ... BUY NOW ... $175.00

Winchester Colby Book
5)  Winchester Book, "Firearms by Winchester, Part of US History", 1957 by C. B. Colby. Hard cover, illustrated (some bubbling to covers) other wise fine condition, some scuffing. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00  SOLD
1981 Parts Catalog

7)  Winchester Firearms Components Parts Catalog, 1981, soft cover.  Overall excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $75.00
Win 1981 parts cat., sc, 2


Wells Fargo Ammunition

10)  Winchester Cartridges, Full Box, "Wells Fargo & Company, 125th Anniversary Commemorative". W3030WF, 150gr ST Cartridges are NIB but box shows some wear .30-30 caliber. SOLD

Winchester Hunters' Diary
12)   Winchester Book, "Hunters Diary".  Soft cover, spiral bound. Pages for hunts, guns, etc., excellent condition. ... BUY NOW ... $32.00

 We have several

Winchester Letter Opener with Folding Knife Blade

Winchester Letter Opener measures 7 5/8" with knife blade folded and      9 3/4" overall with blade extended.  Letter opener blade shows use but knife blade shows very little wear.  Winchester is crisp on the grip.  This is a great piece for any Winchester collector        ... BUY NOW ... $45.00


Winchester three blade folding Knife

 This Winchester Folder has three blades all in near new condition.  The knife measures 3 1/2" folded and the largest blade measuring 2 1/2"  is marked "Winchester" ; each of the other blades measure just under 2".  The wooden slab grips have nice grain and are also in excellent condition. 

We have no idea what the age of this piece is.  ... BUY NOW ... $75.00



Winchester Rust Remover & Box

14)  Winchester Component, "Rust Remover" tube (mostly full) with the Original Box (unglued) but in fine over all condition, a bit tattered but excellent for its age. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00  SOLD



Winchester Western Cartridge Cases

This box is near new condition and marked "Winchester UW .45-70 Government Unprimed Cases" but actually contains 20 rounds of once fired brass that look new.  I have several boxes and each is priced at ... $55.00 ... BUY NOW.

Shooting Glasses

16)  Winchester Shooting Glasses, new in original box, manufactured by Bachman Bros., yellow lenses, ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00

Win shooting glasses NIB 2   SOLD

Winchester Marble

18)  Winchester 100th Anniversary Marble, black with gold Winchester logo, approximately 1" diameter "1866 to 1966" ... ( Just got in a few more )



Winchester Dice

19)  Winchester Dice, pair, red plastic with gold Winchester logo and white dots, approximately 3/4" each, new condition, c1970's.    Just got some more in  ... BUY NOW ... the pair $25.00


Winchester Advertising Pencil

20)  Winchester - Western, Pencil with eraser. White plastic with red Winchester - Western logo, metal cap. New c1970's ... BUY NOW ... $15.00



Winchester Belt Buckle

20a)  Winchester belt buckle with Hunter and Ram.  A licensed item but no date on piece.  Very attractive buckle and in like new condition.

.. BUY NOW ... $00.00



Brass Belt Buckle

21)  Winchester Brass Belt Buckle, approximately 3 3/4", "Winchester Repeating Arms, New Haven, Conn." reverse has 809 stamped., fine o/a condition. BUY NOW ... $xx.00 SOLD

Winchester Military Ball Cartridges .303

23) Winchester, full box cartridges, .303 caliber, "Not For Use In Aircraft", WWII period, unopened, craft box with white label, 20 rounds, excellent condition.

... BUY NOW ... $80.00

Winchester Knife

23a) Winchester Knife in fine condition and marked USA on blade.  Two small blades in steel shell with white plastic scales held by three rivets.  It is about 4" long and I have no idea as to its' age.  ... BUY NOW ... $00.00   SOLD




Winchester Knife

23b) Winchester Knife with nail file. This is about 3" in length and has a tool on either end of this plastic scaled item from the Winchester Company.  There is some wear to "N" but otherwise in fine condition. BUY NOW ... $xx.00 SOLD



Hand Drill

24)  Winchester Hand Drill, has black painted body, red paint on wheel with letters individually hand stamped, "Winchester #10", wooden handle, remaining parts nickeled, over all excellent condition. I can not find any reference to this item. ... BUY NOW ... $185.00


Win flashlights pr 1 Winchester Flashlights

26)  Winchester Flashlights, two different.  One nickeled with copper, octagon lens cover and end cap; other nickeled with round, red plastic lens cover, (missing rear hanger and push button) otherwise both in very fine exterior condition.

Winchester Black Flashlight

28)  Winchester Flashlight, black body, nickeled end cap, switch plate, and octagon lens cover, over all excellent condition. 

... SOLD
Win_Nickle_copper_Flashlight_1_.JPG Winchester Nickeled Flashlight

30)  Winchester Flashlight, nickeled body, copper colored end cap, switch plate, and octagon lens cover, over all excellent condition. SOLD

Meat Grinder No.12

32)  Winchester Meat Grinder "No.12", metal with wood crank handle, has tightening bolt, excellent condition and ready to use. ... BUY NOW ... $225.00
Win grinder 2 .JPG (35539 bytes)





1896 Winchester Calendar

35)  Winchester 1896 Calendar, copy; 1967, 10" X 17", with shipping tube, as new condition, great wall hanging ... BUY NOW ... $75.00





Winchester Advertising Panels 17-1

36) Winchester Company advertising, 17-1, 1920's, 2 of 3 panel group advertising Winchester flashlights for use week of Oct. 4 - Oct. 10. Reverse has hatchets and hammers. Each panel is 18 1/2" X 40", edges tattered with some tears, in over all very good condition. ... BUY NOW ... both panels for $645.00

Winchester Advertising Panel 18-1 Hatchets

39)  Winchester Advertising, 18-1, Hatchets, 1920's (reverse panel of item 36), for use week of October 25 - Oct 31, 18 1/2" X 40" panel. ... BUY NOW ... $375.00

Winchester Advertising Panel 18-1 Hammers

40)  Winchester Advertising, 18-1, Hammers, 1920's (reverse panel of item 36), for use week of October 25 - Oct 31, 18 1/2" X 40" panel. ... BUY NOW ... $350.00



Winchester M94 XTR Stock

43)  Winchester Butt Stock for Big Bore XTR, Model 94, with Winchester rubber pad.  Left top near tang has 1" long chip missing, two dings in right body ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00



Winchester M94 Commemorative Stock

44)  Winchester Butt Stock Model 94 Commemorative Series, cut for medallion on right, fancy grain, crescent butt, left side has gouge in checkering and 1/2" ding near comb. ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00   SOLD



Leather Gun Sleeve

47)  Winchester Suede Leather Gun Sleeve (case), leather fringe, light tan color with red "Winchester" printed on body, c 1970's, Sold along with AE Winchester Big Bore .375 Caliber Rifle, like new condition  ... BUY NOW ... $xx.00     SOLD


Winchester Box No. 111 Primers

48)  Winchester, kraft box of No.111 primers, K 1611P,  full, excellent condition except old, scotch tape discoloration on ends. ... BUY NOW ... $25.00



Western K1222R .22 Box

49)  Western (Winchester), K1222R, two piece box, .22LR rim fire cartridges, full box of 50, 40 grain lead lubricated.  Excellent condition blue and yellow box ... BUY NOW ... $50.00  




Winchester '76 Ammo Commemorative Box

50)  Winchester Cartridge Box, 76 Bicentennial Commemorative W763030, 150gr ST Cartridges are NIB but box is scuffed & end flaps are a bit discolored, .30-30 cal., 25 year old collectable. ... BUY NOW ... $00.00 SOLD

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