Our Going Out FOR Business SALE is on-going

July thru August, 2012

~ 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weds & Thurs for Summer ~

~ NEACA Members Call for Appointment ~

~ 38 North Main St.~

Mechanicville, New York

or on this PAGE daily


We almost can not navigate the cramped aisles on our basement floor because of the accumulation of merchandise and just plain STUFF. We have to clear this out so we can unpack the other two floors we use as warehouse space.  Please come and help us move some MERCH!!  

Way back in 2004 we were honored by the New York State Lt. Governors' visit and by  luck were able to stand for a photo with her.

I asked her to convey our regards to then New York Governor George Pataki and how we all like guns!    See story on Lt. Governor's visit.

We are standing in front of our Hudson River Trading Company store at 38 North Main Street, Mechanicville, NY, next to City Hall.  The photo shows what was supposed to be our Spring Sale but the weather made us put our box lots in the basement.  Wherever we have them this time they are priced to move out from $1.00 a box on up.  Maybe on the sidewalk.... ??

Look at what we had on the front sidewalk last time!  Anyway, when you are going north on Main Street this is where we are ... on the right.

Tried to update this page and am having trouble making things work ... please bear with it.

QTY manufacturer cat no. Item Cal./Ga. Retail
2 ATI 037- ATI 522 Fat f/e .22
1 ATI 037-02095 GERG2210M1911B .22 $439.95
0 MARLIN 502-70326 XL7 w/3-9X40 Scope .27 $470.00
0 MARLIN 502-00133 Marlin 795 .22 $166.25
1 ARMSCORP 031-02000 1911 .45ACP $525.00
1 REMINGTON 705-82854 REM 82854 1100PS Laser Engraved 28ga $1,575.00
1 REMINGTON 705-80900 597VTR A-2 .22 $469.95
1 REMINGTON 705-96323 REM ERPC 1911R1 .45 $669.00
1 REMINGTON 705-84342 REM 700VSF .22-250 $981.00
0 REMINGTON 705-96342 REM 1911 .45 $719.00
1 REMINGTON 705-82105 REM 82105 870 20ga $469.99
3 REMINGTON 705-82106 REM 82106 870 410 $499.99
1 WINCHESTER 861-52395 Defender 12GA $425.00
0 COLT COLGMT6731 Match Target 5.56 $1,275.00
0 COLT 101-00600 01991 M1991A1 .45 $883.00
0 BUSHMASTER 071-00100 Shorty A2  14AK ??? $1,199.00
1 BUSHMASTER 071-01600 6.8mm $1,252.00
1 BUSHMASTER 071-01800 BA50 .50 CAL $5,800.00
1 BUSHMASTER 071-90689 C15 L E ONLY!!! .223 $819.40
1 KEL TEC 395-00692 Kel Tec P3ATGN .38 $325.00
1 S & W 775-50467 Mod 637 PINK .38+P $515.00
1 S & W 775-81131 S&W M&P 15-22 .22 $499.00
0 S & W 775-09380 S&W Bodyguard .38 $399.00
1 S & W ??? S&W Sheild 9mm $429.00
0 MOSSBERG 517-54147 Moss 500 Bantam P 20ga $410.00
1 PTR 365-30050 PTR 91 KC 915163 .308 $1,395.00
1 PTR ??? PTR-91 Green .308
0 CENTURY 090-00460 WASR-10 7.62 $549.95
1 LANBER 430-05410 Lanber 2020 20 $899.00
1 LANBER 430-07310 Challenger 12 $889.00
0 HENRY 288-01032 H001V LVR VRMT .17 $549.95

Bringing in the Gaming Machines ..... Got to Pay the New Sewer Tax Somehow!

I'd like to set these up like in the old days and really make some money but we are only bringing them in to put them in our Special Sale on Main Street.  Small new  shipment arrived Monday and we are pricing these reconditioned Pachislo Games of Skill at only $248.00.  **I only have one more left to sell at this price.

We also have a special sale on the main floor and are reducing lots of items to ...


Still Lots of Things in our Basement plus many more new... things ! If we can unbury them ....

Several 6' glass display cases, 1920's bedroom vanity with large round mirror, waterfall dresser, continental style dressers, several oak dressers (some in kit form), various small stands, end tables, oak desks, old lamps & light fixtures, pine chairs, rocking chairs, side chairs, office chairs, large wooden desk, metal office desk with drawers, old child's high chairs, bar stools, Adirondack chair, hutch top, red metal kitchen table, metal kitchen hutch, bed headboards, wood gun cabinets, gun racks, brass bed, oak single bed, painted metal double beds, professional drafting table with tilt top, small drop leaf dinette table, exercise machine, USAF 5 lb. postage scale, boxes of old mystery & romance novels, large & small framed prints, clothes racks, sewing machines and cabinets, trunks & old suitcases, some old toys, metal file cabinets, oak file cabinets, new 1970's Singer dress form, new 1970's TV roof antennae, 12' x 12' screen house in box, old electric kitchen small appliances, old radios, old records, pallet of computer equipment & programs, pallet of white paper reams 17" x 22", 18# for drafting, 6 to a carton, Multilith Duplicating Machine, boxes of File Folders & large envelopes, vintage Christmas decorations box lots, old tools, used tools, box lots of electrical boxes & electrical outlets, sewing machines (some are cleaned & ready to use), electric and manual typewriters (some cleaned & ready to use), car parts, boxes of old automobile & muscle car magazines, boxes of old gun magazines, box lots of misc. household stuff, box lots of dishes (some from old Joyce's Log Cabin), old fishing rods, Avon collector stuff & boxed jewelry, old bottles, vintage ladies hats, electronic test meters, old coke chest machine, old skies, bowling balls, and other old miscellaneous junk that may be someone else's treasure.  At least that is some of the stuff I can see now!!

HRT August Sale Photos 1 .JPG (125864 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 2 .JPG (121013 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 3 .JPG (98741 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 7 .JPG (115583 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 10 .JPG (95888 bytes)

(Some basement pics ... Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Gaming Machine SALE ~ Full Size Slot Machines. These are Games of Skill called Pachislo and come from Japanese Cruise Ships, are fully reconditioned and guaranteed.   


Pachislo SALE PRICED at $248.00 ~

but we only have ONE left

(Pictured are examples only and actual machines may be slightly different, tokens extra.)

We also just got a special shipment of 25 Cent Machines in, direct from Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City, these are the real thing with bill changer and all. Start your own in-house casino! (Just Kidding!) But you sure can have lots of fun at home... and beat the odds and the high gas prices! These are regularly retailed at $1500.00 and up ... ours are a lot ...... less! Stop in...


SALE PRICES on things such as ~ most of our ammo in stock so we can replace with fresh new boxes; but bringing in some new military green tip 5.56 at 420 rounds to an ammo box with stripper clips for UNDER $230 a can! All of remainder of fishing supplies in stock on sale!  Sale on US Camo BDU shirts & jackets, smalls from $5.00; Men's & Women's clothing rack items for $2.00; Sale on US blue & green military shirts, plus closeout on khaki, blue & Olive Drab men's trousers; custom design painted sweat shirt close out; ALL are ON SALE! US Military Surplus box lots; close out on Police Gear and leather holsters; black powder care and supplies; gun care and equipment sale, most at 40 to 50% OFF ; some SPECIAL PRICING on lots of our black powder, antique, new & used guns ; reloading & powder closeouts like Mec loaders and ... what ever else I find that I want to move out to clean house.  Plan on coming each week because our prices and merch may change... especially on Saturday!  Closed on MON, TUES, FRI. !!

Stop in and take a look at our shop and take home some bargains before we go out of business??  If you READ our sign it says "OUT FOR BUSINESS."   Stop in and see what you've been missing all this time ...

  TEASE ... Kel-Tec .380 ... new: Under $265.00




We also have a pretty interesting antique area of vintage furniture, glassware, dolls, Adirondack items and old toys and trains.  In the photos you can see some of the modern wall hangings and throws we have that are made in North Carolina. 

We also have a line of limited production Victorian Dolls that simply are gorgeous. HRT August Sale Photos 13 .JPG (81549 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 14 .JPG (94744 bytes)HRT August Sale Photos 15 .JPG (88685 bytes)

Take home one of those wonderful Victorian Dolls, now ALL discontinued!   Time to move them out though and get new stock.  All of our display dolls are 40% Off!


A large amount of of our glassware is at least 25% OFF. Very SPECIAL PRICES on a lot of our Jewel Tea, Autumn Leaf, Hall china ... some for a dollar each. HUGE SELECTION!

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Plus more merchandise being unloaded as we speak.


Need a sword or bayonet? Got them too.  Plus a lot of our stock knives are 25% OFF!

Did I Forget to Mention GUNS?? Girls & Boys ... we DO have a SALE .... See my list above!



Commercial Size Ford Truck Available...

We also have our trusty Ford 600 16' Box Truck that I really don't need any more.  It has served us well and still has very low mileage seeing we use it sparingly to deliver tables to our local shows.  The rear lift does need a little TLC hydraulic tune-up, the aluminum box is excellent and has a door on each side.  Tires are fine and it has an automatic transmission and gas engine, to be honest mileage isn't the best but the power is there;  still a lot of use left in this workhorse.  Insurance cost us about $360. a year, add registration, yearly lube and inspection and the total cost to just leave it sit in your driveway for a 16' x 8' storage facility on wheels is less than $50.00 a month ... that's why I haven't worried about selling it, I have my 100 gun show tables stored in it and use it for our local events.  But we just have too many things laying around we don't use that much.  We would like to get about $3500.00 for 'ol Bess.


Need stuff for your auctions?

Auctioneers, call me the following week and bring your trucks 'cause if I have stuff left I will be ready to move out a lot of the remainder ... I need room to begin emptying our two top floors for the next round of business!



Commercial Brick Building Available

Main Street, Mechanicville, NY 12118

Need a four story brick building?  Our shop is just off the Hudson River, Champlain Canal System where boaters can dock for free.  The next big tourist attraction that the State of New York will be investing Millions of Dollars in.  Each floor has 3000 square feet of open space plus a few smaller floor areas.  Rear loading dock and Otis elevator make complete use of the floors.  This is truly a wise investment for now and the near future.  I just wish I were ten years younger and still had my energy!  Retirement age is coming soon and an opportunity is opening for someone.  Do you hear the knocking?   Sooner or later we plan on selling this fine old Main Street location and you could be the owner.  I've been told I should get around $600,000. but we can talk.  And yes, we can work out terms if you can lay in some cash or mortgage.  Stop by for a look.  We can even sell you a gun shop or a going antique business.