This page is a compilation of stolen stories, forwarded anecdotes, fudged photos, satanic to Godly links, political pasquinades, prophetic opinions of pessimistic optimism, some actual original ideas and prose plus heroic tributes from around the globe. Enter & view at your own risk or pleasure.

~ Updated Sunday, February 5, 2023 ~


Sometimes... life is good.

When you receive that joke at work or that cute cat running around your tool bar do you ever ask where all these things come from?  Many times from sites like this, where time after time the same old banter shows up in your e-mail from six different friends who also just received the "latest" thing and had to pass it on.  Now, be the first in your cubicle to find the source and pass it on first ... but with a link to all the glorious pages of the one, the only ... BARBECUE MAN.  It's racy, it's sometimes raw, occasionally well overdone but it is all 100% pure US American (Need I Say GI) unadulterated MEAT.  French cooking frowned upon. Racially insensitive?  Only for course one.  Politically incorrect?  I would bet on it.  Radically Republican?  Only for liberals ... do they even have fun?  Now, enjoy.  Plunk your magic twanger (shows my age) or your magic mouse and be off with you ... sending glorious gobs of garbage to the unsuspecting goobers.